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Ed has hosted the annual CLIO Awards for creative advertising several times.

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ED GREEN is one of the industry's leading voice-over talents. For many years, he has been the voice of major sporting event projects, motion picture trailers, and television narrations, as well as the voice for the most familiar commercial and product advertisers in America.

His commercials have currently passed the 30,000 mark, and are still climbing. This includes his well-known work as an audio personality for Fortune 500 Corporations - working on their national campaigns while creating a unique image for internal corporate projects and shareholder meetings.

Hosting the advertising industry's annual ANDY and CLIO awards ceremonies is usually a once-in-a-career honor for voice-over talent. Ed has presented both - several times.

Always Ahead of the Curve...

ED GREEN is constantly incorporating the latest technology to better serve his clients and their voice recording needs. He was the first professional voice-over artist in New York City to equip his professional recording studio with an ISDN line - enabling him to "GO LIVE" with air ready copy in seconds. Going one step further, Ed can now deliver your voice-over, narration, movie trailer or promo projects via FTP or e-mail in the format of your choice anywhere in the world...instantly!

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Countless Years of Voice-Over Experience.

Whether it's television commercials, narrations, promos, movie trailers, or even motion picture dubbing, Ed's extensive accomplishments speak for themselves. As one of the most respected and dependable voice-over professionals in the industry, Ed will provide budget sensitive rates to help you meet your advertising, production, and marketing goals.

Learn From the Best and You Too Can Become a Voice-Over Pro!

Did you know that many voice-over professionals earn six figures or more? With a little drive, and Ed's comprehensive knowledge of the voice-over industry, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade in his easy-to-follow, self-paced voice-over training course.

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Client Testimonial

“My colleagues and the competition are upset with me. You're not playing fair, they say. Sure, anybody can produce a great commercial when you have a voice like Ed's.”

Jim Palam

Ed's Promise

“Regardless of the size of your company, I will work with you to obtain the goals you seek.”

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