Listen To Samples of Ed's Work

Studio microphone

Please view the table below to listen to samples of Ed's memorable voice at work. The 'Play' link requires Flash Player 7 or higher to function.

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Demo Various Compilation of various commericial/promo work Play
Demo Various Compilation of various narration work Play
Political Ads Various Compilation of various political ad work Play
Radio Imaging REM FM 104.8 Marbella, Spain Play
Radio Imaging WZOZ 103.1 Central New York Play
Voiceover Proctor & Gamble Crest Toothpaste Play
Voiceover Kellogg's Cereal Advertisement Play
Voiceover TCG Telecom Play
Voiceover US Air Play
Voiceover Goleta National Bank Play
Voiceover Gateshead College Sport Play
Narration A&E Ape Man Play
Narration Discovery Channel Mysterious Universe Play
Narration Fox Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Play
Narration A&E Serpico Play
Narration The Learning Channel Doomsday Play
Narration Discovery Channel Repo Men Play
Narration 60 Minutes Zig Ziglar Bio Play
Movie Trailer New Line Cinema Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Play
Movie Trailer Columbia Pictures Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Play
Movie Trailer Miramax Films Welcome to Sarajevo Play
Movie Trailer MovieFone Play
Movie Trailer Hollywood Pictures Killing Mrs. Tingle Play
Movie Trailer PBS Shakespeare in Love Play
Movie Trailer MGM Black Robe Play
Movie Trailer Summit Entertainment Never Back Down Play Video
Movie Trailer 2069 Play
Promo CBS Sports The U.S. Open Play
Promo CNN Headline News Play
Promo HBO Boxing Play
Promo Comedy Central South Park Play
Promo Time Life Dirty Harry DVD Set Play
Promo HBO Pictures Final Analysis Play
Promo Nickelodeon National Geographic Explorer Play
Promo David Baldacci, Author Split Second View Website
Promo Hunter Douglas Play
Promo Walter Winchell Play
Internet Imaging Radiotalent.co.uk Play
Internet Imaging Target-ed.com (Requires QuickTime) View Website
Internet Imaging Weiser Law View Website
Internet Imaging Functionally Innovative Training View Website
Internet Imaging Newton Motor Sports View Website
Client Testimonial

“No one can teach all the secrets and techniques like Ed Green. Ed's amazing energy and enthusiasm for the art is contagious.”

David Vadassy
DJ & VO Professional

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